Seasonal businesses in Cleveland area on hold until the weather warms up

CLEVELAND - The first day of spring brought blustery temperatures, frigid wind chills and snowfall to the Cleveland area Wednesday; a stark contrast to the same day last year when it was a balmy 83 degrees and sunny.

"We're like the racecar sitting at the starting line revving our engines with nowhere to go," said Mike Raby, a golf professional at Big Met Golf Course in Fairview Park.

Raby said on this day last year, there were 185 golfers playing at Big Met. But on Wednesday, the course remained closed. It opens if temperatures rise above 35 degrees and there's no snowfall.

"I don't know if spring can come soon enough," said Dan Blazy of Blazy Landscaping who also owns a snow removal business.

Blazy said at this time last year, he was already well into fulfilling landscaping contracts. But this season, his wintertime business may be more profitable than his springtime one.

"This year, we have a very limited amount (of contracts) and are trying to get people to respond," Blazy said.

The frigid temperatures didn't keep everyone from venturing outside Wednesday.

"I'd just like to say to everyone in northeast Ohio, 'happy spring,'" said June Labant, a Mentor resident, who bundled up in her hat, scarf, gloves and boots to take her dog out for a walk.

Mentor snowfall reached about two inches Wednesday.

"I think the weather is lousy," said one Mentor Sam's Club associate. "But it's Cleveland, so that's the way it is."

The snow and cold temperatures didn't stop the Sam's Club employees from firing up the grills. They hosted an employee appreciation cookout complete with steak and lobster Wednesday morning.

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