SUMMER RETURNS: Warmer weather moves back in to end the month of August

CLEVELAND - Summer is NOT over. The recent October-like weather won't last. But it certainly caused a lot of us to prematurely relocate our fall flannels. Wednesday's high temperatures flirted with record cool.

The coolest high temperature ever recorded on Aug. 14 of any year was 65 degrees for Cleveland, 68 degrees for Akron & Canton, and 66 degrees for Mansfield. Wednesday's highs were a couple of degrees warmer at each location. So, no new records for cold. But we were very close. Still, Wednesday's highs were closer to late September and early October normals. Rare for mid-August.

I warned you these cooler than normal August temperatures were coming back in July. I also mentioned the chances for warm weather to return would be the last third of the month. The good news is warmer weather IS about to return.

The cooler air mass that has been stuck across Ohio and the Great Lakes for the last month is going to shift east by the weekend. This will allow a ridge of high pressure to slide east into the our region for at the latter part of August.

Temperatures will warm up to near normal beginning Saturday. Normal highs this time of year are near 80 degrees. This warm weather should linger through the end of next week at least.

Also, I expect rainfall to be at a minimum between now and the 24th of the month. So, beach and boat weather will return this weekend through next week with highs each day between 80 & 85 degrees.

BONUS: Hurricane season should really get going between the last week of August and the middle part of September, based on more favorable ocean patterns and warmer temperatures in the tropical Atlantic.

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