Top 10 things not to leave in your car on a hot day

CINCINNATI - While motorists going to and fro need to always make sure their children, pets and any other passengers come with them when they're leaving the vehicle in a parking lot under the sun, there are some less obvious things that can be overlooked on a hot day that will still cause some problems.

Below is a handy list of 10 often forgotten things you'll want to keep out of your scorching hot car, as described by The Weather Channel:

  1. Medications: Being out in the sun can actually change the composition of some medications or degrade their potency. 
  2. Disposable lighter: Lighters are very dangerous to have in a vehicle when the temperature rises because they have the ability to explode in high temperatures which can cause damage to glass inside the vehicle or burn holes in the seats.
  3. Chocolate: Just like M&M's melting in your hand, you don't want any chocolate-y  goodness to liquefy all over your leather seats. Removes those snickers, pronto!
  4. Canned soda: And POP goes the weasel! Just kidding, that was your soda exploding all over the inside of your new car. Avoid the extremely sticky mess by removing any carbonated drink from your blistering vehicle.
  5. Electronics: Even though removing electronics may seem like a no-brainer, certain items may be left in your car for convenience sake. Remember to remove MP3 players, GPS devices and cameras.
  6. Sunglasses: If you spend mountains of money on designer glasses, make sure you're taking them with you when you leave your vehicle. High heat can warp the shape of your frames and the lenses on your glasses.
  7. CDs and DVDs: Do yourself a favor and remove any CDs and DVDs you have stored in that little slot on your car-door if you want to continue listening/watching them. These items can warp and eventually melt if left in a hot car for a long enough period of time.
  8. Plastics: Not only will many plastics melt in high temperatures, but never drink from a plastic water bottle that has been left in the car. Chemicals in the bottle's plastic could leak into the drink and cause health problems.
  9. Crayons: Unless you plan on coloring the inside of your car every color of the rainbow, make sure to remove the colorful waxy  sticks to avoid a difficult mess to clean up.
  10. Lipstick: Did you know lipstick easily melts in environments only slightly above room temperature? That's right, ladies! Grab your lipstick and remove it from the dashboard immediately.

What do you recommend taking out of your vehicle to avoid a mess? Tell us in the comment box below.

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