Cleveland and ODOT hit the roads to clear the snow

CLEVELAND - Winter has arrived in Northeast Ohio, and with it, several inches of snow. But local crews are ready for anything Mother Nature has to offer.

According to the City of Cleveland, 29 crews will continue work Saturday keeping the main city streets passable. In anticipation of more snow throughout the day and evening. And  another 20 crews will be ready and waiting if necessary.

Cleveland currently has over 13,000 tons of salt, and 30,000 gallons of environmentally friendly liquid de-icer on-hand to cover 53 routes around the city. The goal, city officials say, is to have all streets serviced within 24 to 36 hours from when snow stops falling, depending on the actual amount of snow fall.

As for the Ohio Department of Transportation, 70 plows and drivers will be on the roads after 10 a.m. Saturday throughout Cuyahoga, Lake & Geauga Counties. ODOT forces will be staffed around-the-clock through the duration of this storm and crews will be adjusted as needed.

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