Cleveland company creates T-shirt tribute to wild Ohio weather

Five-day forecast has snow, heat in same week

CLEVELAND - Oh Cleveland, a city where temperatures can go from 25 degrees to 59 degrees, where winter coats are sandals aren't mutually exclusive, and laying never goes out of style.

On a nearly-60-degree January day, Cleveland's GV Art and Design released its take on the five-day forecast. The shirt features everything from sunny skies, snow flurries and a question mark all in the same week.

"We thought this was the perfect week to launch our new shirt. A blizzard one day and shorts the next. Only in Cleveland does the weather change so drastically from one day to the next," the company describes the design.

GV Art and Design is owned by Etch A Sketch artist George Vlosich III and his brother, Greg. Vlosich has been interviewed by Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel, and his artwork is the basis for the mural in the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland.

To get you own Cleveland forecast T-shirt and see more of Vlosich's art, click here

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