Trade in your snowblowers for lawn mowers because winter is over in Northeast Ohio

Posted: 10:40 AM, May 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-09 14:50:10Z

Time to trade in your snowblowers for lawnmowers and your salt for fertilizer because winter in Northeast Ohio is over.

Yes, you heard that right. With sunshine now gracing the skies over Northeast Ohio, and 80-degree temperatures to warm us, we can put the dreaded word "winter" in the back of our minds to never be mentioned again ... for at least several months.

Historically speaking, there has been no measurable snowfall in Cleveland beyond May 7, which happened back in 1974.

For the record: there have been trace amounts of snow in Cleveland beyond May 7. An example is when Cleveland Hopkins International Airport recorded a trace amount of snow on May 25, 2011. More recently, on May 15, 2016, small snow amounts were recorded by east-siders.

But a trace isn't real snow, and Clevelanders know that.

As we look ahead, Lake Erie has warmed up considerably, with an average surface temperature of 50 degrees. When the lake is warmer, it will prevent any surprising snow events from happening.

With winter shoveled away for the time being, we can finally start in on fine summer traditions like barbecuing, boating and complaining about the humidity.