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Issue 26: Nov. 29, 2021
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—> Before we get to the news: Welcome back! Hope you had a nice holiday – and to the new subscribers this newsletter picked up over the long weekend, welcome! I’m curious about where you came from, so if you signed up over the last few days, send me an email and let me know who or what prompted you to subscribe (joe.donatelli@wews.com). If you’re new around here, this is how it works: I read all the local news so you don’t have to, then I share the most impactful and interesting stories of the day, along with a bit of analysis that provides context, humor or pathos. (Yeah, I said pathos. Your boy didn’t spend four years at the Ohio University without picking up some very rudimentary Greek rhetoric concepts.) OK, let’s get to it…

—> This Browns season is slipping away: I mean, it’s possible they could win out and make it to the playoffs, but every game that seems more unlikely. FiveThirtyEight gives the Browns a 19 percent chance to make the playoffs and only a 5 percent chance to win the division, which is the surest path to the postseason that doesn’t involve – and this is something you never want to be a factor during an NFL season – math. So. What happened against the Ravens? It was simple. Camryn Justice writes that the defense showed up, and the offense did not. If being a Browns fan for four decades hadn't left me dead inside already, this would all be very upsetting.

—> What do we know about the omicron variant? Very little, writes David Leonhardt in the New York Times. (This is why I like Leonhardt. If he doesn’t know, he says he doesn’t know.) “There is genuine uncertainty about Omicron. Maybe it will prove to be worse than the very early signs suggest and cause more severe illness than Delta. But assuming the worst about each worrisome new variant is not a science-based, rational response.” Yep, I realize that’s totally not helpful. Here’s how I look at it: If you have a framework for managing risk during this pandemic, and it works for you and your family, then stick to it. It'll be a few weeks before we know had bad/not bad omicron is.

—> Snow expected Monday night: The best chance for snow with this system appears to be from 8 p.m. to about 5 a.m., says News 5 meteorologist Remeisha Shade. It’s before Christmas on the calendar, so this is still allowable snow.


—> What’s happening at Shoreline Apartments? We’re lucky to have an endlessly curious development reporter working for us at News 5. Every weekend Kevin Barry does a “What’s going on with…” piece that looks at some notable development in the city. You know the Shoreline Apartments because you’ve driven by them on the 90 going to or coming from downtown on the east side. They are – until someone finally sticks a fork in Burke Airport – one of the few places you can live along the lake near downtown east of Dead Man’s Curve. Barry reports that a new apartment complex and a bike trail at that site are in the works.

—> Cleveland lands at the top of another depressing list: You already knew it was the poorest large city in America, and now this: A national livability index labeled the Cleveland area as the worst place in the country for Black women, reports Cleveland.com. Among the many sobering takeaways: “In Cleveland’s educational settings, Black women and girls are encouraged to think small and aim low, Project Noir found. Many interviewees told stories of being steered away from their desired career and into lower-paying professions, or being told that certain professions would be too challenging for them.”

—> I’m sorry, but I’m about to ruin Progressive Field for you forever: The Cleveland Guardians’ relentless signage issues have no quit. This time it’s the “Covering The Corner” sports website pointing out that the Guardians’ main new sign at Progressive Field is noticeably off-center, but … at least it remains affixed to the stadium?

—> This is insane: I work in local news. It takes a lot for me to say, “This is insane.” But … this is insane. In a manner of days, two workers at the same Cleveland convenient store saved two different people who were overdosing by administering Narcan. Hats off to both women for thinking fast and acting decisively. You may or may not know this: There is a good Samaritan clause under Ohio law that makes it so you can’t get in trouble if you help save a life, protecting you from prosecution. More from Homa Bash.

—> You love Shaker Square. I love Shaker Square. We all love Shaker Square. Bad news: It’s in trouble, and the deal on the table to save it is fraught with risk. Shaker Square is, despite its name, in the City of Cleveland, and like too many of Cleveland’s most beloved assets – I am looking in the general direction of the West Side Market – it’s languishing. You know it’s bad when a public official is quoted in an article saying, “This is not about bailing out a rich developer." Oof. Check out Lee Chilcote’s latest must-read in The Land.

—> Doug Trattner got a first look at BrewDog Cleveland: The city’s preeminent food and beverage writer says our regional hopes and dreams for the latest Flats destination have come true. “The company did an amazing job of transforming a large, cold space into a plush and comfortable destination with soft seating areas, toasty live fires and a handful of video and bar games.” BrewDog officially opens Friday. More from Scene.

—> Nela Park lights are back for the 97th year: It wouldn’t be Christmas in Cleveland without the lights at GE Nela Park. Kaylyn Hlavaty reports that the December 3 ceremony at 5 p.m. will not be open to the public, but visitors can check out the lights nightly until Jan. 3.

—> He loves painting Cleveland while right in the middle of Cleveland: News 5 photographer Gary Abrahamsen shot an absolute charmer of a story on Tim Herron, a retiree who spends his days camped out with his chair and canvas in the city of Cleveland, painting whatever catches his eye. Herron has a knack for capturing the city. Watch Abe’s story here.

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