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Issue 170: June 30, 2022
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—> All eyes on Akron: Earlier this week, we reported on a police shooting of a 25-year-old man in Akron. Our journalist on scene saw dozens of evidence markers and talked to a witness who said he heard 30-45 shots. Since then, police have been mum regarding how many shots were fired, how many police officers fired the shots and whether Jayland Walker had a weapon on his person when he was shot. The mayor and chief of police released a statement promising more information soon, but some want answers now, as two small protests have been held downtown in the last 24 hours and the family and their legal representation spoke today during an emotional appearance before the press. We’ll have more on this story tonight in our shows. Until then, the Beacon Journal has a thorough recap.

—> Roe’s continued impacts and what comes next: In what they’re calling an “unequivocal nightmare,” OB/GYNs fear uncertainty and health care delays in a post-Roe world, reports the Ohio Capital Journal, as doctors face potential criminal charges and risks to their medical licenses because of what they say are unclear regulations and specifications on abortion. As for statewide efforts to push back on the Roe ruling, the effort by abortion rights advocates to ultimately put the question of abortion access before Ohio voters is one that on the surface sounds simple, but is actually quite complex, and the timing of when it hits the ballot is crucial, reports John Kosich.

—> It's not just your street that’s facing trash delays: It’s many streets all across the country, reports the Beacon Journal, which says the one company many of us rely on for pickup (Kimble) is experiencing driver shortages.

—> Plain Dealer editorial board calls out Frank LaRose’s sniping at Supreme Court: It’s not unusual for the Plain Dealer editorial board to criticize Republican officeholders in Ohio. It’s what newspapers located in Democratic cities that reside within Republican states do. Usually it’s to argue about policy, but in the case of Frank LaRose, it’s to point out the questionable behavior of the state’s top elections official. From the PD: “In intemperately blasting Ohio’s Supreme Court in a Sunday night statement for (correctly) ruling that six Democrats LaRose had refused to allow on Ohio’s Aug. 2 primary ballot had met Ohio’s legal deadline for candidate filings, LaRose helped expose his own partisan maneuverings. The blatant politicking over elections LaRose is supposed to be overseeing is deeply troubling.”

—> This is a Josh Naylor newsletter now: In case you missed it, Guardians first baseman Josh Naylor had an epic walk-off home run and celebration in an extra-inning win over the Twins last night. Hard not to love this guy. Has all the makings of a local sports legend, which is exactly what baseball needs, reports Camryn Justice.

—> Lakewood named one of the best suburbs in the country: Here’s what the online publication Thrillist has to say about Lakewood: “Are you depressed looking at what kind of house half a million dollars buys in your city? Might we suggest taking a peep at Lakewood, Ohio, where a median home price of about $250K nets you some of the most stunning houses from the early 20th century? Known as the City of Beautiful Homes, Lakewood—a classic railcar suburb of Cleveland—doesn’t oversell itself with its nickname, as an afternoon stroll through its streets is a House Hunters fantasy, offering space and architecture rarely found in bigger cities at a fraction the price.” Read the rest, which gets into the food and sites and such, here. Oh, and speaking of how great Lakewood is, we just published this list of Hidden Gems of Lakewood.

—> People love this one: Cleveland will welcome a fleet of historic tall ships from the harbors of Spain, Canada and parts of the United States for the return of the 2022 Cleveland Tall Ships Festival from July 7 through July 10. Thousands are expected to attend. Details from Kaylyn Hlavaty.

—> Next newsletter is on Tuesday: Have a great holiday weekend!


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