Could security measures change at U.S. airports after Ft. Lauderdale mass shooting?

Could ammunition be restricted on flights?

CLEVELAND - Some northeastern Ohio security experts believe changes in security measures at U.S. airports could be a possibility, after a mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale International airport killed five and injured eight others.

Akron security expert Tim Dimoff told News 5 he believes there could be a restriction on ammunition in checked bags that also contain a gun in the future.

"Ammunition can be bought in a lot of places, no matter where you visit," said Dimoff.

"You don't need anything specific to buy ammunition, so there's not going to be a strong argument that it's going to be a hassle to get ammunition."

Cleveland concealed carry instructor Kim Rodecker said restricting guns in checked luggage on flights would be too extreme of a security measure.

Rodecker believes increased police presence in U.S. airports is needed, even in non-secure public areas, to help prevent a shooting of this magnitude from happening again.

"More visible parameter police, more police throughout the airport, where every officer can see, visually see, another officer," said Rodecker.  "Sort of like what they have in Israel."

Officials in Ft. Lauderdale report the suspect pulled the gun and ammunition out of his checked bag, after he got his bag from bag claim.


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