Gilmour Academy dramatically beats Northeast Ohio Prep 108-1

GATES MILLS, Ohio - There's nothing like the thrill of victory.

But there's winning, and then there's whoopin'.

The final score of the Gilmour Academy girls basketball game was 108-1 Tuesday night. And now some are wondering if running up the score was poor sportsmanship.

The photo above was tweeted out after the game and has been making its rounds on social media.

“It's very difficult game, those games are tough on everybody,” said Bob Beutel, head coach for Gilmour Academy’s girls basketball team.

Ranked as the top seed in the division three sectional tournament, Gilmour Academy school whooped on Northeast Ohio Prep.

"As soon as you lose, you're done. This is not something that you can lose and still move on," said Beutel.

 Going into the game, the odds were already in the academy's favor.

"It's just difficult when there's a disparity or discrepancy in talent."

But that kind of smackdown has some scratching their heads.

“In the state of Ohio, for basketball, there is not a mercy rule but there is in football or baseball or lacrosse or soccer and so there's no way to stop the game early or advance the time,” said Jeff Walrich, director of athletics for Gilmour Academy.

So were they bad sports for scoring so much? Coach Beutel said they tried everything in their power to make it fair.

“I know the strategies we employed last night we did nothing unsportsmanlike. I know that anybody that was at the game knows that," he said. "I think the team feels good that we're moving on. I was very proud of how they conducted themselves."'s Lauren Wilson reached out to Northeast Ohio Prep School's coach. He did not want to speak on camera, but released a statement  instead saying "we faced an incredibly talented team, and we congratulate Gilmore Academy on their victory in pursuit of a championship."


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