Lakewood police arrest man half-naked in Burger King bathroom, huffing inhalent

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - A man was arrested half-naked in a Burger King bathroom after huffing compressed air on Tuesday afternoon. 

According to Lakewood police, David L. Cissel was locked in a stall of the men's restroom in the Burger King on Madison Avenue. When police entered the restroom they found Cissel sitting against the stall door. 

Cissel moved away once he realized police were in the bathroom and they found Cissel sitting on the toilet and naked from the waist down, huffing a can of compressed gas duster. Cissel told police he had an addiction to inhaling the compressed air. 

He was assisted by police with getting dressed and walked to the squad car where he was transported to the Lakewood ER. 

Cissel was arrested and charged with abusing harmful intoxicants, a fifth-degree felony. 

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