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Apple confirms fix for iPhone 15 overheating problem is on the way

Customers with the new iPhones have complained that their devices become too hot to touch in some instances.
Apple confirms fix for iPhone 15 overheating problems is on the way
Posted at 9:04 AM, Oct 01, 2023

Apple claims a software bug and other issues are to blame for overheating problems with its recently-released iPhone 15 model phones, after complaints poured in shortly after the devices hit store shelves. 

Customers complained that their phones became too hot to touch in some instances, while others shared similar sentiments about their phones being hot across social media and Apple discussion boards. 

The tech giant confirmed that a fix is on the way. 

"We have identified a few conditions which can cause iPhone to run warmer than expected," Apple said in a statement obtained by the The Associated Press. 

Apple said an update to the iOS17 system that powers the newest iPhone models will prevent the devices from becoming uncomfortably hot and is working with apps running in ways that "overload the system," AP said. 

Apple said Instagram has rolled out a fix to address overheating issues, and others like Uber and the video game Asphalt 9 are working on updates of their own.

Apple did not announce a timeline for the update. 

Experts say it is not uncommon for iPhones to heat up in the first few days of use, as the phone works to transfer all data — from photos and videos to apps to messages — to the new phones. 

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