Vigilante engineer crafts the ultimate revenge on porch pirates

Posted: 9:54 AM, Dec 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-18 10:34:37-05

A former NASA engineer used his talents to get back at porch pirates who had the audacity to keep targeting his home.

Mark Rober took matters into his own hands when police wouldn't do anything about the packages stolen right off his doorstep.

He spent six months creating a high-tech glitter bomb disguised as an Apple product.

The device goes off as soon as the package is opened, spraying a colossal amount of glitter everywhere.

Rober installed several cameras inside the device to record their reactions.

Because a glitter bomb isn't enough punishment, he also included a stink bomb inside the device.

The video posted on Monday has received more than 6 million views on YouTube.