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Dog reunited with owner after being stolen at gunpoint

A woman was attacked and robbed over the weekend, when her beloved 14-year-old dog Max was taken from her.
Dog reunited with owner after being stolen at gunpoint
Posted at 11:40 AM, Oct 25, 2023

A woman robbed at gunpoint over the weekend has been reunited with her dog, who was stolen in the attack.

The incident happened after 10 p.m. Saturday in Washington, D.C., when a suspect approached a woman walking her dog and pointed a gun at her, demanding her dog, according to the Metropolitan Police Department . Police said she fought to get her dog back from the suspect and was assaulted. The suspect fled with the dog in an awaiting vehicle.

The woman, identified by several outlets as Zaleena Ahmed, made fliers and blasted posts on social media in a frantic search to bring her beloved 14-year-old Westie named Max home.

On Tuesday, MPD said someone spotted Max wandering in Kenilworth Park.

The person was a D.C. resident named David Graham, who recognized the dog from media coverage, according to The Washington Post.

"When [the dog] turned around and I saw the spot under his eye, I knew it was that dog in the news," Graham told The Washington Post. 

Graham brought the dog to police, who contacted Ahmed.

The pair were reunited at the 6th District police station. 

"It wasn't like a movie, with Max running to me," Ahmed told The Post. "I was the one who ran to him, and kissed him all over." 

Ahmed said she brought Max's food and water bowls and a blanket and T-shirt in case he was wet — along with an ice cream treat. While Max was visibly exhausted, he was seemingly unharmed.

Police recovered surveillance video from the night of the incident and are following leads.

An investigation remains ongoing.

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