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Lordstown family debates putting home for sale, holding out hope

Posted at 5:15 PM, Feb 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-06 10:45:27-05

LORDSTOWN — Some families in Lordstown are still deciding between putting homes up for sale or holding out hope that the General Motors plant will stay open.

There are only six homes for sale in Lordstown, according to realtor Jason Altobelli.

He said now is actually a good time to sell homes in the area.

“With a lack of inventory, it actually works towards their benefit. The market is still pretty strong," he said.

Once the plant closes, he said that could be a different story, saying folks are holding out hope that the plant will stay open.

“This last group of people working in Lordstown have been here so long, they have roots here. They are more inclined to keep their home, stay here and drive to relocate for a couple of years, and rent a place," Altobelli said.

Renee Higinbotham's husband is transferring to a GM plant in Tennessee.

She plans to put the home up for sale in a few weeks, but fears it won't sell.

“With GM idling, now I’m kind of stressing out that it could be on the market longer, and if he is going away, I don’t want to deal with two house payments," she said. “I still want to hold out hope that GM does it get something, but I can’t count on that.”