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Michelle Obama brings 'Becoming' tour to Playhouse Square

Posted at 10:26 PM, Mar 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-16 23:32:29-04

CLEVELAND — Michelle Obama spoke to a sold out show at Playhouse Square on Saturday night as part of her "Becoming" book tour.

The line started hours before the event. People traveled hundreds of miles and paid hundreds of dollars to see the former first lady.

"I came from Charlotte North Carolina to Cleveland, because I wanted to hear personally from Michelle Obama," Donna Maria said.

She paid $600 for her seat.

"I chose this venue in part because it smaller than a lot of the other places where she spoke, and I wanted a more intimate experience with her," she said.

As part of her book tour for her autobiography "Becoming," she talked trials, tribulations and shared her self-titled story.

Before she was on the cover of TIME Magazine and Vogue, she was Michelle Robinson -- just a little girl with a big dream.

"For this black woman who was raised on the south side of Chicago to go into Iowa all over Ila, and get that same reaction, I was reminded of the truth of who we are. It’s our stories that connect us, it’s just that we often don’t get a chance to sit at one another’s kitchen tables," Obama said.

The intimate talk with Mrs. Obama was moderated by celebrity chef and co-anchor of ABC's The Chew, Carla Hall.