Facility maintenance jobs open in NEO and one trade school in Northeast Ohio is prepping students

Facility maintenance jobs open in NEO and one trade in Northeast Ohio is prepping students
Posted at 6:37 AM, Dec 22, 2021

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio — Right now across Northeast Ohio, there are dozens of open jobs for building maintenance technicians. The hot job market is now leading some students back to trade schools.

Remington College in Garfield Heights has a nine-month facility maintenance program. During the program, students learn skills to address mechanical, electrical or plumbing issues.

"What we do is go from the top to the bottom," said the program's chair, Cory Thompson. "We give them the knowledge to go out there and repair what needs to be fixed."

The program launched about three years ago, and while it's still relatively new, Thompson said he's seeing more interest in the field.

About every four weeks students address a new area - learning a new trade. Thompson said by the end, students should be prepared to get out into the workforce.

"It's been a slow growth, however, looking into the job field today, I'm noticing there's a lot more positions today for the tradesperson," he said. "Every other week, every two-three weeks, it's different jobs popping up. it's definitely growing. definitely plenty of opportunity for students to get out there and move into the trade."

Thompson said beyond being a "jack of all trades", facility maintenance technicians are vital. Especially in today's demanding job market.

"We will always need them. There's always somebody that doesn't know how to do it which is why the trades come in."

Click here to learn more about the program at Remington College.