Cleveland condemned home owned by Cleveland schools since 2008 is still a problem for residents

Posted at 5:48 AM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-23 14:26:10-05

Homeowners on Denison Avenue in Cleveland are fed-up with a condemned home in their neighborhood, that's been owned by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District since 2008.

Connie Davis owns the home next to the abandoned house, which according to city records, was condemned and set for demolition in 2012.

Davis can't understand why the school district would continue to own a potentially hazardous home, year after year. 

The house is located just 500 feet from Denison Elementary School.

"They don't care about this house, and I don't think they care about the kids in that school, if they get abducted or whatever," said Davis.

"The school district basically does what they want, they don't have to get permission, they don't have to have plans.'

"What is their plan for this house?"

Davis said the house is located less than a half mile from a home at Denison and W. 39, where a man attempted to abduct a 12-year-old boy on Feb. 15.

News 5 contacted Cleveland schools about this case back in July 2017, and once again on Feb. 19.

Cleveland schools told News 5 the home should have been on the demolition list, and applied with the Cleveland Landmarks Commission, to have the home taken down in 2012.

The district provided an agenda to prove it submitted the home to the landmarks commission nearly 6 years ago, but it could not yet explain why that request wasn't followed-up or resubmitted, telling News 5 the home is in a historic district and needs commission approval before it can be taken down.

News 5 contacted the Cleveland Mayor's office, but so far it has not provided a statement from the landmarks commission.

The Mayor's office would only tell us the home is now on the commission's agenda on March 8.

Meanwhile, Davis wants her council member to file a nuisance abatement claim with Cleveland Housing Court, which could order Cleveland schools to take down its condemned home.  

"File charges," said Davis.

"The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is not above the law, they don't have a double standard."   

They shouldn't be teaching our school children that they can get away with things that are against the law."