Akron Snow Angels deliver clothing, supplies during winter blast

AKRON - While the wind blew snow from the sidewalk onto the street and back again, the Akron Snow Angels prepared for one of their two "missions" a month.

"I just want to thank everybody for coming out on what I like to call 'snowmageddon," said Kristie Warner.

On a day where most people avoid the freezing weather, the Akron Snow Angels braved the storm. 

"These people don’t have anywhere to go so what would it say to them if we didn’t show up," asked Warner.

The group takes donated gloves, jackets, hats and any other winter gear and place it in cars and trucks like a rolling marketplace. Then they take it to the people who need it the most.

"It's doable," said a volunteer while the snow fell behind him. "And four-wheel drive helps."

Saturday, the group went to one of Akron’s warming spots, the Summit Lake Community Center. 
Over the Snow Angels' two missions a month from November to April they’ll help around 150 people each time, trying to make a frigid Saturday, just a little warmer. 

"This is one thing that doesn’t cancel for bad weather," said volunteer Alison Breaux. "They’re living out there so the least we can do is get out of our cozy homes and deliver."

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