Officials warn parents about a talking drone seen attempting to lure children away from school

Posted at 10:59 AM, Oct 11, 2017

Akron school officials are asking parents to talk to their kids about 'stranger danger,' after a drone was spotted flying over school grounds and allegedly attempting to lure children away.

Megan Lee-Wilfong, the principal of Windemere Community Learning Center, sent a letter to parents earlier this week warning them about the drone.

A witness reported seeing the drone, equipped with a 'voice technology component'  flying over the elementary school over the weekend, Lee-Wilfong said.

According to Lee-Wilfong, the witness said they heard the drone talking to students as it flew above them, attempting to lure the children off school grounds.

School officials are asking parents to talk to their children about 'stranger danger' and to always make sure the children are accompanied by an adult when going to the school in the evenings and on weekends to play.