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Canton home buyer deals with rodent infestation, issues warning to other home buyers

Posted at 11:41 PM, Apr 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 07:33:14-04

Ruby Cousins of Canton thought she was buying a trouble-free home, but she says her home buying experience is giving her nothing but nightmares.

Cousins admits she only had two days to go through the house before she signed the purchase agreement because she was moving to northeast Ohio from Illinois.

But she said she hired a certified inspector, who didn't find any major issues at the house before she moved in.

Still, several weeks later, Cousins said she was met with a host of issues that weren't included in the disclosure agreement written up by the former owner of the home.

Cousins showed News 5 issues with chronic standing water in the basement, and rodents that are inundating all parts of the home.

"It's a big nightmare, I have never had this experience in my lifetime," said Cousins.

Every time the rain falls it's just a tremendous amount of water coming through the basement walls."

"The rodents are so bad I can't keep food in my kitchen."

"For me to be living with mice, I never dreamed this could happen to me."

Cousins said she contacted her real estate agent and home inspector, but no one could help her.

Ten visits by an exterminating company have not been able to solve the rodent issue.

Tony Russo with Northern Ohio Inspections told News 5 it's critical homebuyers select an inspector who has proper state certifications.

Russo is certified by Ohio for home and building inspections, but said Ohio doesn't require inspectors to have these certifications.

"In the state of Ohio, anyone can be a home inspector, because there are no required minimum credentials," said Russo.

Russo said it's important homebuyers check all critical home systems multiple times, no matter what is on the seller disclosure statement.

Russo said homebuyers can file lawsuits against untruthful sellers, but said it's a tough case to prove.