CLE learns from others how to prepare for RNC

Posted at 8:12 PM, May 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-15 14:59:22-04

Getting a city ready for a Republican National Convention is all encompassing.

Plenty of attention has to be paid to roads, trash, graffiti, overgrowth and more. Cleveland is no exception and can learn from the experiences of past cities that have hosted the event.

In 2008, St. Paul, Minnesota records show that it spent $150,000 fixing up roads specifically for the RNC. And in Tampa, Florida, it spent $60,000 repairing infrastructure around the city in preparation for the RNC.  So far, there are no indications from the city of Cleveland that it’s spending any money on road repair specifically for the RNC. The city has told us the streets that are in the process of getting repaired now were already on the list of streets that needed work.

We gained access to the City Service Agreement made between Tampa and the RNC. There are interesting details about what was expected when it came to emergency medical needs, parking, security and more. Click here to see more.

What about getting to the heart of cleaning up the city of Cleveland? Some efforts have been made to cover up graffiti and cutting down overgrowth. But wait until you see what we’ve uncovered around the city that doesn’t necessarily put us in the best of light with visitors coming to Cleveland.

We took your concerns to city and state leaders. 5 On Your Side Investigator Jonathan Walsh brings you the exclusive story live at 11 p.m. Friday on NewsChannel 5.