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Cleveland's creative minds come together with new work space

Posted at 4:53 PM, Dec 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-20 18:18:49-05

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio — Filling a void to help foster new ideas and creativity in our community.

A handful of Clevelanders recently came together to launch what they call the first of its kind shared work space in Northeast Ohio.

"It's the creatives that keep the world moving forward," said TerDawn DeBoe.

DeBoe is trying to keep that momentum going at the Dream Creative Complex.

"The space was born out of a collective of creatives coming together," said DeBoe.

Inside the 3,000 sq. ft facility in Bedford Heights, which proudly welcomes originals, you will find the latest camera and video equipment, editing suites, a recording studio and t-shirt printing.

"For them to be able to really walk through each step in one place, I think that is what makes it a jewel," said DeBoe.

It’s technology that can turn dreams into reality, but it's often out of reach.

"Especially within the African-American community," said Larry Bonton.

Bonton is one of the co founders of the DCC.

"This is my way of giving back," said Bonton.

Bonton said he wanted to design a place where African-American youth could be encouraged to think outside the box.

"There really is no platform for them to be creative. If you're a creative I think you should pass those skill sets down to who's ever next," said Bonton.

In the process, Bonton hopes to spark an undiscovered passion.

"Photography and arts and things of that nature not only does it keep you out of trouble, but it could lead to a professional career," said Bonton.

Helping her fellow Clevelanders make a living off their talents is what DeBoe hopes to accomplish in this new space.

"I really want it to be where a creative is highly creative, but they know the business part, they know how to build it, they know how to market themselves, how to brand themselves so that people can actually see what they're creating."

All of it happening under one roof.

"It's a very good feeling to know, like, how much of an impact that something like this is making," said DeBoe.