Residents in Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood take snow removal into their own hands

Posted: 3:11 PM, Jan 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-17 22:17:51Z
Residents plow streets Cleveland trucks miss
Residents plow streets Cleveland trucks miss
Residents plow streets Cleveland trucks miss

When we get hit with a lot of snow, we expect our streets to be plowed so that we can get out of our houses and into the community.

Residents in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood say while the city of Cleveland does a pretty good job of tackling the main streets, they're on their own.

Cleveland officials previously told News 5 about the city's plan to get its 10,000 streets plowed within two days of a snowfall. But after just a few turns off the main roads and onto smaller streets, neighbors say they have to take matters into their own hands.

Shovel in hand, Diane Underwood can tackle a driveway and sidewalk or two by herself.

The heavy stuff she leaves to Jason Hauser and his plow.

Jason takes on contract plowing jobs in the winter around the city, but also spends a lot of his time plowing his own neighborhood. 

"I do it every year," Hauser said. "It's usually two or three times a year."

The city tells News 5 the weekend snowstorms were a big test for their automated vehicle locator system. It tracks where plows are, how much salt they're putting down and even if the blade is on the street.

On Wednesday, News 5 found main roads nearby were clean and many side roads were in good shape. But a few turns away onto smaller streets and it was a different story.

Jason says he's skeptical of the tracking system, but he does think a city plow came through late last night.

"Prior to that, I had made two giant passes just so the neighbors could get out," said Hauser.

Jason may not be happy that he has to plow his own street sometimes, but he says he'll keep doing it.

"I love my street, I love my neighborhood," said Jason. "I've been here for over 40 years, this is my home."

If you have streets that aren't cleared, you can let the city know about them at: (216) 664-2510.