"Please take my tree down before it creams my house": Tree removal backlog has residents worried

Posted at 5:51 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 17:51:17-04

The City of Cleveland's tree removal backlog is in the thousands and people across Cleveland are concerned - many worried problem trees will come down on their homes before the city can get to them. 

Timothy Urban told News 5 the hollowed tree in front of his home has been on the city's removal list since 2011. 

According to city officials, they just can't get to them all. 

"My biggest concern is that this tree is going to come down in the middle of the night when me and my wife are sleeping, and we are both gonna perish," Urban said. 

Urban told News 5 that's all he thinks about after seeing damage to homes just a couple streets over after storms last Thursday.

The tree that destroyed one home and damaged another on the same removal list for more than a year. 

"Nobody wants to make a move. They just keep putting us off and saying they have so many trees ahead of us. It's unbelievable," Urban said.

A spokesman for the City of Cleveland told News 5 there are about 5,000 trees citywide on the removal list. The City of Cleveland has made 2,050 their goal for removal in 2017 - through the city's enhanced budget.

Last year, the city removed about 1,200 trees - their goal for the year. 

View the full list of trees scheduled for removal below: 

City of Cleveland Abbreviated Tree & Site Listing