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Do you think school starts too early? One Ohio lawmaker calling on parents to voice opinions

Posted: 6:28 PM, Aug 28, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-28 19:36:52-04
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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio — The Labor Day holiday is now just days away, signaling the unofficial end of summer, yet some children have been back in schools for weeks.

Last year, there was a push to change the back to school date. State Representative Gayle Manning introduced one bill that would set a start date for Ohio schools after Labor Day. The bill fell short of the votes needed to make it out of committee. But, the former school teacher said this subject is not closed yet.

“I would be interested in carrying something like that again if I find there is an interest out there from parents and teachers,” said Manning.

Manning represents Lorain County. This year in Lorain County, several districts start near or after Labor Day including Elyria City School District. “They’ve heard from the people I heard from and they are listening and that’s a good thing. But, talk to people across the sate of Ohio and that’s not always the case,” said Manning.

“We typically do start after Labor Day. A few years ago, we did have a mid-August start date. It was a hot summer, we have old schools, it was not received well,” said Amy Higgins with the Elyria City School District.

Manning said school superintendents and board of education members made their voices heard to lawmakers. Although Manning said she heard from an overwhelming number of parents, other lawmakers did not.

Manning said she has the support of the tourism industry, businesses and parents. She is urging parents to make their voices heard.

Opponents of the bill point to local control and not enough time to prepare for state testing. Manning said both were addressed in the bill.