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Proposed state law would ban mandatory overtime for Ohio nurses following 5 On Your Side investigation

Posted at 5:04 PM, Mar 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-20 18:18:46-04

COLUMBUS — A proposed state law would outlaw mandatory overtime for Ohio nurses following an exclusive 5 On Your Side investigation that revealed how the practice can harm both nurses and patients.

House Bill 144, sponsored by Representative Don Manning, a Republican from Middletown, aims to make Ohio the 19th state to outlaw mandatory nurse overtime by hospitals and health care facilities across Ohio.

Ohio nurses routinely work three, 12-hour shifts--but often are required to work much longer.

Our exclusive investigation in May, 2017 first revealed how nurses suffering from extreme exhaustion or even illness were required to remain on the job--risking patient safety.

A similar measure was introduced last year and passed overwhelming in the House but failed to garner enough votes in the Senate.

It's now being introduced again with the support of the Ohio Nurses Association that points to medical errors as the third leading cause of preventable death and a correlation between fatigued nurses, extended shifts and increased likelihood of medical errors.

According to ONA, the proposed law would "protect patient safety by allowing nurses the right to refuse overtime if they feel too fatigued to continue to provide patient safety without fear of termination or licensure sanctions.

Read the full bill below:

Nurse Overtime HB#-144 by Wews WebStaff on Scribd

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