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N.E. Ohio home buyers complain about home inspector reliability

Posted at 11:36 PM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 23:36:55-05

Local home buyers are sounding off about the reliability of private home inspectors.

More than 100 complaints about private home inspectors have been filed with the Better Business Bureau across Ohio in just the past year.

They are complaints that have some new home buyers calling for a change in state law.

Lanise Henry told News 5 she was counting on her home inspector to thoroughly check all of the critical systems in her Euclid home, before she bought it in Feb, 2017.

Henry said she paid her inspector $400 to go over the house, but just weeks after she moved in, problems started popping up everywhere.

Henry said the furnace the inspector approved must now be replaced at a cost  $4,600, and she claims her inspector missed a series of electrical problems.

She later noticed the contract she signed with the inspector carried a large number of exemptions and disclaimers, making it hard to hold him accountable.

To make matter worse, Ohio doesn't require licensing or testing to become a home inspector, just one of several states without the requirement.

Henry said Ohio law must be changed to protect home buyers, that trade organizations, which require some standards, aren't enough.

Henry said it's important home buyers do their own homework, and pick a contractor based on years of service and multiple references.