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Church comes together to mourn member killed 5 years ago, attacker still on the loose

Stephen Halton Jr. memorial service
Stephen Halton Jr. memorial service
Stephen Halton Jr. memorial service
Posted at 10:29 PM, Jan 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-13 23:22:04-05

CLEVELAND — They spent Sunday evening remembering the good times.

"When you think of Steve you think of this awesome, awesome guy," Shareece Halton said.

But behind the songs and dances are years of grief.

"For me to be here today without him 5 years later is terrible," Halton said.

Shareece Halton's husband Stephen Halton Jr. was killed five years ago and his attacker is still on the loose. The entire Halton family, including the victim's two kids, gathered with their church family to remember him and ask the public, once again, for help.

"I have to raise two kids, I have a really good support system but its nothing like their father," Halton said.

"For us to be living this still at five years, I don't think any of us believed that that would have happened," the victim's sister Tanesha Moss said.

Stephen Halton was shot and killed while waiting at a bus stop in January of 2014 on Cleveland's East Side. He was on his way to work at the Cleveland Clinic.

"When you don't see it on the news as much you think its been solved, you think its been--answers have been resolved and that's not the case," said Moss.

Cleveland Police never named a suspect in his murder but his family is not giving up hope.

"The older they get, the harder it gets for me because now I have to relive every moment that I had with Steve just so my kids will know about their father, when they should know about their father from him being here," said Halton.

"Look at my kids in their eyes and just help us," Halton said while holding back tears. "Get closure for them, If you don't want to get closure for no one else."

Anyone with information about Stephen Halton Jr's death should contact Cleveland Police at 216-621-1234.