Cleveland sees 20 car thefts in less than two weeks

Posted at 4:16 PM, Nov 24, 2016

Cleveland has seen 20 car thefts in less than two weeks. 17 of them were carjackings that took place last week.

The latest victim is an 81 year old man. He pulled his car up to the pump at a gas station off South Broadway, he went inside to pay for his gas and when he came back out, “They took off with my car,” he said.

This 81 year old man did not want to share his identity, but he did want to share his story, so that no one makes the mistake he did.

He was leaving his doctor’s office Tuesday when a man and woman he didn’t know, approached him and asked for a ride. He accepted and while driving with them stopped for gas at the South Broadway Speedy station.

Surveillance video shows his red SUV pulling up to the pump. The man gets out and goes inside to pay and while he’s inside, his passengers turn into the drivers, the crooks sped off with his car.

“I would ask them, why did they take it? I was nice enough to take you where you were going, why did you take my car?” he said.

Cleveland Police cannot confirm if any of the 20 recent car thefts are connected.