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Euclid officer terminated after video of 'violent' arrest goes viral on Facebook

Posted at 4:59 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2019-09-10 14:18:54-04

The Euclid police officer who was on paid administrative leave after a violent arrest was caught on video has been terminated.

Officer Michael Amiott's has been terminated as a Euclid police officer effective immediately, according to Mayor Kirsten Gail.

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In the viral Facebook video, Officer Amiott was seen punching Robert Hubbard, 25, during a traffic stop on Saturday, August 12.

Euclid Mayor Kirsten Gail released the following statement regarding Officer Amiott's termination from the force.

During his current disciplinary suspension from the Euclid Police Department for various rule violations, my Office received further complaints regarding Amiott’s professional conduct.  After a review, I found Amiott to have violated additional departmental rules, including Conduct Unbecoming and Courtesy, calling into serious question his suitability as a Euclid Police Officer.  


As Mayor and Public Safety Director, it is my responsibility to ensure that the Euclid Police Department serves the public professionally, courteously, and conscientiously.  The fine men and women of the Euclid Police Department constantly strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism and service to the public.  I have, and will continue to take the necessary steps to support these efforts on behalf of the residents, business owners, and visitors of the city of Euclid.”


As this is a personnel matter, there will be no further comment from this office nor from the Police Department.

The Cleveland NAACP applauded Mayor Gail's decision and released the following statement:

Recent actions in the City of Euclid by Euclid Police and their interactions with the community has drawn interest from the Cleveland Branch NAACP.

Reports of the use of excessive force by Euclid Police, biased policing by Euclid law enforcement officials and the failure on the part of police in the City of Euclid to address community concerns has caused the NAACP to pay special attention to the police/community relations in that City.  Of course, the beating of Richard Hubbard III by Officer Michael Amiott that was captured on video was just one of many incidents that has drawn negative attention to the worst aspects of policing in Euclid.  The NAACP has now become aware of the decision by Euclid Mayor Kirsten Gail to terminate Officer Amiott’s employment with the City as a law enforcement official.  The NAACP is also aware of the actions by the police union to contest the termination by pursuing a grievance under the terms of the union contract.
While all persons are presumed innocent and entitled to due process, the citizens of Euclid deserve to have police officers who perform their duties in a professional, constitutional manner.  The actions of Michael Amiott strongly suggest that the City of Euclid and the police profession would be better served if he were not permitted to ever resume service as a law enforcement official in Euclid or elsewhere.  Apparently, Mayor Kirsten Gail reached a similar conclusion and we would hope that the police union will take that decision into account as it addresses his grievance.
Meanwhile, the Cleveland Branch NAACP applauds Mayor Kirsten Gail’s actions in terminating Michael Amiott’s as a step in the right direction.

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