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Rocky River police reopen investigating against teachers after new information discovered

Rocky River High School
Posted at 10:07 PM, Mar 29, 2021

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — Rocky River police have reopened this investigation against teachers at the high school after new information revealed possible criminal activity.

Police said Rocky River City School District officials notified them on March 10 about a video that captured two high school teachers having a conversation including inappropriate comments about a student and referring to possible photos of a student in a text messaging thread.

One of the teachers in the video had the Owl camera on, which records everything and puts it on Google classroom.

“I didn’t want to reveal that I blocked his texts,” said one teacher. “It did concern me but I thought, ‘well it’s not on my phone' and I double-checked to make sure there was nothing on my phone.”

One teacher goes on to ask about the student and, in response, the other teacher comments on her appearance.

“She’s not much of a student, nice enough girl, really freaking, yeah, put together.”

Both teachers go on to say they didn’t see the picture but are overheard talking about how this could affect their reputation.

“I’m just avoiding him like the plague,” said the teacher. “It would be a terrible way for us to end our career, a perp walk," said the other teacher.

Authorities initially closed their investigation last Thursday but reopened it on Monday.

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