VIDEO: Police looking for man who slipped out of handcuffs, escaped Brooklyn jail

Posted at 1:55 PM, Feb 19, 2018

Police are looking for a 31-year-old man who slipped out of handcuffs and snuck out of the Brooklyn police station over the weekend.

James Hlavsa was arrested Sunday in connection with a petty theft offense at the Home Depot on Brookpark Road. 

After Hlavsa was booked, he was allowed a phone call to arrange for bail. An officer then secured him with a handcuff to the security bench to await his bond. 

While waiting for his bond to arrive, police say Hlavsa got out of the handcuff and left the building through the police department garage. 

Authorities say Hlavsa has multiple active warrants with Cleveland and Parma for contempt of court, larceny and failure to appear.

Anyone with information regarding Hlavasa’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Brooklyn Police Department at 216-749-1234.