Plans for new subdivision causes flooding concerns for North Ridgeville neighbors

Posted at 6:29 PM, Feb 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 18:28:56-05

As North Ridgeville continues to grow, plans call for a sprawling subdivision named Waterbury in a field at Shady Lane and Sugar Ridge Road.

It would be next to a longstanding neighborhood, which is slightly below the land the subdivision would be built on. There’s also a ditch nearby, that floods during very heavy rain.

“That water was very cold. I did not have any boots that were tall enough to go into it,” said North Ridgeville resident Albert Krage.

The last thing Krage wants to see is more development that he believes will add to the flooding from the additional runoff of another neighborhood.

His home already floods with just one neighborhood to worry about. He said the last time the ditch overflowed in 2011, he had to deal with two feet of water in his house.

“It’s just stunning, it’s like where do you start, there’s stuff ruined. I have to get the water out of here,” Krage said.

But Daniel Rodriguez, a city engineer, said neighbors shouldn't worry.

“The city is looking out for the best interest of the neighbors and the residents of North Ridgeville,” said city engineer Daniel Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said a large retention pond will be put in, along with 24 inch storm sewers, to handle run off.

“This will not cause any additional flooding. Any commercial or subdivision or developments within the city are mandated by laws, by the city and the state and federal requirements not to create any additional flood problems,” Rodriguez said.

But Krage isn’t convinced.

“I think it’s going to cause some more issues. I think they need to study it closer and get a little bit more information, come up with a solution to it,” Krage said,

The planning commission has approved the development, but city council gets the final say.

A public hearing on the future of the subdivision is scheduled for March 19 at North Ridgeville City Hall.