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Local man accomplishes dream of building hospital in Congo

Posted at 10:29 AM, Jan 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-07 10:29:43-05

GREEN, Ohio — Gaspard Nzita, a native of Congo and resident of Green, Ohio said he made a promise to his mother when he was a child. He insisted that he would return home and open a hospital with plenty of resources.

“When I was young, I lost my older sister,” said Nzita. “I saw my mother’s tear, and I promised when I grew up, I’d build a hospital. I established a program to collect medical supplies and collect equipment.”

In October 2014, Nzita said someone set fire to a trailer he’d used to store thousands of dollars’ worth of medical equipment. He’d planned to ship the equipment to Africa, but Rosary Beads and a bible were the only things salvageable.

“We forgive the person who did that,” said Nzita. “I know if he cannot burn the bible, he cannot burn the vision. From this bible, nothing is impossible.”

Nzita used scriptures from the bible to push his plans.

Word spread about the arson that had destroyed his medical equipment and donations poured in.

Nzita said the hospital was built after he helped raise $65,000. Just weeks ago, he said two trailers were delivered to the hospital.

Seven additional filled trailers sit in Northeast Ohio, waiting to be delivered to Africa.

Nzita is still accepting donations through Educate the Congo Project, Inc. Donors are encouraged to email him at