News 5 gets answers about massive hole in Sagamore Hills street

Posted: 5:11 PM, Jan 16, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-16 17:11:48-05

Starting small, the hole in Kiltie Lane in Sagamore Hills keeps growing, according to the folks with a front row seat.

"It started as a little hole with something squirting out of it. It keeps getting bigger and deeper," resident Linda Calapa told News 5. 

Calapa said they started calling the Township about the growing problem weeks ago, but still don't have an answer regarding when it will be fixed.

"We're not getting answers as to what's gonna happen, who's gonna come out to fix it and when they're gonna come out and fix it," she said. 

News 5 took those concerns to Sagamore Hills Service Department Tuesday. 

They said they first heard about the hole in the road last week, placed the cone there, and have been waiting on Cleveland Water, who, according to them, was responsible for fixing the hole and whatever leak or break caused it. 

News 5 got in touch with Cleveland Water officials, who said they were out investigating the hole when it was first reported to them last week and they did not believe it was a water issue.

Shortly after speaking with Cleveland Water spokespeople, News 5 got a call from the Sagamore Hills Service officials who confirmed it was sewer line problem, not water.

Summit County sewer officials arrived Tuesday to start working on repairing the leak and the hole.