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Think you could handle being an FBI special agent? Now is your chance

Posted: 7:17 PM, Feb 26, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-26 19:17:40-05

CLEVELAND — Recruiting is not normally something the FBI has to do, but in a tight job market, a new push to recruit special agents is underway.

The FBI has taken to social media and recruitment videos to reach potential employees.

According to the FBI, it takes about 16,000 applicants to fill the roughly 900 special agent positions each year because of the extensive process.

To fill those positions, there is a focus on recruiting and outreach.

In Cleveland, Supervisory Special Agent Tim Kolonick oversees both.

“Every event we have, if it’s a recruitment event, it’s an outreach event. Our outreach event, we view that as a recruitment event,” said Kolonick.

In 2009, there were 68,500 special agent applicants. Last year there was 11,500. A low unemployment rate is one reason for the drop, the other, some believe is politics.

“Lots of people have speculation on the reasons why,” said Special Agent Vicki Anderson.

Along with recruitment and outreach, the new push for special agents is targeting women and minorities.

One requirement to become a special agent is a college degree and work experience.

Agents, Anderson said, come from all walks of life.

“Originally you had to be an attorney. Then attorneys and accountants. Now, we have agents from every walk of life you can think of,” said Anderson.

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