Supreme Court has key rulings in the coming weeks; includes voting rights, health care

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Posted at 3:57 PM, May 07, 2021

WASHINGTON — Every spring the Supreme Court seems to find itself in the headlines with consequential rulings on the horizon.

This spring is no different.

Over the coming weeks, major cases impacting various aspects of American life are poised for rulings.


One of the biggest outstanding cases involves the Affordable Care Act.

The Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that it was constitutional, but this is a new challenge.

This challenge was brought by conservatives who believe the last ruling was only ruled constitutional because the Supreme Court interpreted the law as a tax.

Congress has since removed tax penalties from the law and therefore critics believe justices now have grounds to strike down the entire law.

Constitutional experts have argued this stands little chance of taking place, however the addition of Justice Amy Coney Barrett has left some wondering: "just how conservative has the Court become?"


A big case involving LGBTQ rights and religious rights will get a ruling, too.

This case is out of Philadelphia where the city suspended its relationship with Catholic Social Services over the organization's policy of not allowing LGBTQ parents to adopt.

The organization has cited the Catholic Church's teachings on gay marriage, while the city says it violates anti-discrimination laws.

This case will impact religious rights and LGBTQ rights.


Justices are expected to rule on two voting laws out of Arizona involving in-person voting and whether votes cast in different precincts can count. Additionally, justices are looking into who can return an absentee ballot.

This case will potentially impact voting rules and regulations across the country.

The case could also set the tone for future voting challenges.

A number of liberal organizations have filed lawsuits in recent weeks against new voting laws signed by conservative governors.


The Supreme Court just heard oral arguments in a case involving a Pennsylvania cheerleader and vulgar comments she made on social media.

After not making the varsity cheerleading squad, the teenager took to social media where her language got her suspended from the team.

This case looks at whether after school, online comments by students can warrant in-school suspensions or discipline.

Since this case was just heard, it will likely be several weeks before a ruling.


It's also possible President Joe Biden gets his first Supreme Court pick in the coming weeks.

That is because many progressives are calling on Justice Stephen Breyer, a liberal justice who is 82 years old, to step down.

The calls are not based on rulings, but rather on his age and the desire by Democrats to replace Breyer with another liberal justice while Biden is in the White House and Democrats control the Senate.

Breyer has so far made no indication he plans to step down.