Local politicians react to the release of redacted Mueller report

Countdown to the Mueller report
Posted at 5:18 PM, Apr 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-18 17:18:44-04

CLEVELAND — Local politicians and groups have reacted to the release of Robert Mueller's report.

Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown said:

"My office and I are still thoroughly reviewing the report, but we know the President has a history of not telling the truth. Already, five people in the President’s circle have been convicted of crimes and there are as many as 14 ongoing criminal investigations that have yet to be resolved. So, the American people deserve to hear the truth directly from Robert Mueller in public testimony before Congress.

“At the same time, we cannot afford to lose focus on the fact that a foreign government attacked our elections. Our security is bigger than any one political party, and Republicans and Democrats need to come together and do what it takes to protect our institutions. President Trump should get off of Twitter and help lead that effort."

Republican congressman Bob Latta from Bowling Green said:

"The Mueller report has now been made public, and we’re all able to review the findings.

“I had previously said that the investigation should be allowed to take its course, and now the American people are able to see its conclusions. While there are many takeaways on how to protect our electoral system from those that wish to create chaos, it’s time to move on from the collusion obsession that has dominated too much time and energy in the Halls of Congress and on the airwaves. The Special Counsel clearly was allowed to do their work unimpeded, and the findings should be respected. It’s clear that there was no collusion. Those wishing to relitigate the 2016 election will continue to keep searching for evidence that doesn’t exist. These efforts come at a huge disservice to the American people who are ready to move on. Congress should finally put the collusion issue to bed and get back to the work of improving the lives of the people we represent."

Republican congressman Dave Joyce from Bainbridge Township said:

“The release of the Special Counsel’s report is a welcome conclusion to the investigations into Russia’s attempts to interfere with our democratic process. His findings serve as a vivid reminder that protecting the United States from all foreign threats is Congress’ highest obligation and that we must do all we can to prevent any interference aimed at undermining our democracy. I have supported making as much of Mr. Mueller’s report as legally possible public to the American people and am hopeful that with the report’s release, Congress can move forward with a renewed focus to address the issues that impact the everyday lives of Ohioans and Americans across the country.”

Republican National Committee spokesperson Mandi Merritt said, “President Trump has been completely vindicated by the rule of law. While Democrats remain intent on destroying President Trump’s pursuit of progress, the American people are sick and tired of baseless, partisan witch-hunts. It’s past time Tim Ryan and Democrats in Congress accept the findings of no collusion once and for all, and move on for the good of the American people.”

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken said:

“The Mueller Report found that there was absolutely no collusion or obstruction. This is a complete and utter exoneration of President Trump.

"This baseless investigation was a political witch-hunt from the very beginning. Democrats will be held accountable at the ballot box for why they started a senseless and harmful investigation that cost taxpayers over $25 million and upended the integrity of our entire democratic process."

Democratic Toledo congresswoman Marcy Kaptur said:

“Even as Congress and the American people begin to digest the implications of the Mueller Report, I remain deeply concerned by Attorney General Barr’s handling of the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election. The Attorney General has injected himself as an unnecessary filter in this matter. His actions do not inspire confidence in his impartiality and have failed to provide closure to the American people.

“America deserves closure. Finally, the public has access to the full report subject to what hopefully are impartial and appropriate redactions. The author of the report, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, must provide public testimony before the House and Senate without delay. The Special Counsel must also provide testimony to Congress on the full, unredacted findings of his report, in a classified setting if necessary. The American people deserve nothing less than the truth. I look forward to reviewing the over 400-page report in the coming days."

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