Recreational marijuana advocates gather 10 times more signatures than needed

Signatures for recreational marijuana ballot proposal
Posted at 12:09 PM, Aug 03, 2023

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Recreational marijuana advocates have submitted thousands more signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State's Office in an effort to get on the November ballot, according to supporters.

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol only needed 679 signatures after the state said it barely missed the mark to let voters choose if Ohio should legalize marijuana for recreational use.

“Today our coalition submitted 6,545 signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State, well above the 679 required to get on the ballot this November," spokesperson Tom Haren said. "I cannot express our thanks enough to everyone who came out to support this effort."

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They submitted nearly ten times the number of signatures needed during their cure period. The period is a 10-day second chance to make up for invalid signatures.

In early July, the group submitted more than 222,000 petition signatures supporting recreational marijuana in the state, which it gathered in all 88 Ohio counties over the course of eight weeks. This was about 100,000 more than was necessary to be on the ballot. Of the signatures they collected, 123,367 were valid, just short of the required number.

"This submission validates what we’ve said all along — regulating marijuana is popular in Ohio," Haren said. "We’re looking forward to giving Ohio voters a chance to make their voices heard at the ballot this fall.”

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The group's initiative would let voters choose if Ohio should legalize marijuana for adults 21 and up. If passed, Ohioans would also be able to grow up to six plants. In addition, The proposal would impose a 10% tax at the point of sale for each transaction.

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