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'Queen of Thanksgiving' Martha Stewart is 'turkeyed out'

Instead of spending Thanksgiving in her own kitchen, Stewart told Kelly Clarkson how she plans to spend the holiday.
'Queen of Thanksgiving' Martha Stewart is 'turkeyed out'
Posted at 2:15 PM, Nov 17, 2023

Martha Stewart is a pro at cooking Thanksgiving turkeys, but don't expect her to be anywhere near an oven on Thursday. 

The 82-year-old businesswoman and TV personality told Kelly Clarkson that she is "turkeyed out."

"Nine guests canceled because somebody got sick, so I decided – I called up my chef friend and I said, 'We're not doing Thanksgiving,'" Stewart said. "And I've also cooked like 14 turkeys already for my TV show and I still have to do one more turkey, I think on the 'Today' show, so we're a little turkeyed out. I am turkeyed out."

Stewart revealed that instead, she is going to accept invites to visit five different friends and try their courses. 

"Oh my God, those friends must be so stressed out," Clarkson said. 

"Oh, I hope so," Stewart responded. 

"If you were coming to my house, I would for sure lie and say I cooked and have somebody else do it," Clarkson told Stewart. 

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On the same day her interview aired, Stewart appeared on "Today" alongside celebrity chef Bobby Flay as the two shared their turkey cooking tips. "Today" crowned her the "Queen of Thanksgiving" a year ago for sharing her practical tips for home chefs. 

On her website, she offers dozens of tips to help families create the perfect Thanksgiving meal, including a roast turkey. 

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