As coronavirus cases spike, a Chesterland company is working to keep businesses open

Innovest Global rolls out virus control strategies
Posted at 6:06 PM, Oct 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-16 20:04:31-04

CHESTERLAND, Ohio — The recent record-breaking spike in coronavirus cases is sparking concern, especially when it comes to potential shutdowns.

A Chesterland based company is creating a niche business to help factories, warehouses and schools tackle the threat head-on.

“It’s not something that’s out there right now, we’re looking to create it," said J. Kyle Moyer of Innovest Global.

When the pandemic forced many of Northeast Ohio's large warehouses and factories to close, Innovest Global was there to help them safely reopen.

“We turned down hundreds of millions of dollars of orders because we couldn’t fill them," said Damon Mintz, Innovest Global, CEO.

Innovest Global provided hard to come by personal protective equipment, as well as disinfectant and sanitizing services.

Demand skyrocketed in March, April and May.

“Those three months when the world changed for us, we did almost four times our annual revenue in the 'COVID quarter' for our safety business," said Mintz.

After one of its own employees tested positive for the virus, the company shifted its focus.

"COVID and everything was an outside thing that we were selling products to help other people,” said Mintz.

When Mintz couldn't find a detailed strategic plan on how to safely proceed, he and his team created their own.

Dozens of schools, municipalities and major corporations are now getting similar customized strategies to be better protected.

“We’re looking at the most cutting-edge ways to allow companies to save money and still keep their employees, students and customer base protected," said Moyer.

The program, which started with PPE, disinfectant and sanitizing, now includes on-site testing for employees.

“You can’t stop if someone gets COVID-19, everybody knows that. What you can stop is the spread that creates a shut down," said Mintz.

With coronavirus cases spiking again, Innovest Global and its team of 200 employees is trying to minimize the emotional and financial impact for those in charge of keeping large companies up and running.

“We want to offer companies a way to stay prepared. That can take the burden of responsibility off the plate of the leader of the organization,” said Moyer.