College Now Greater Cleveland connecting prospective students with resources during pandemic

Posted at 5:49 PM, Jun 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 17:49:09-04

CLEVELAND — As COVID-19 health precautions continue and social distancing measures are still in place, some say planning for college has become more difficult now than ever.

College Now Greater Cleveland said for some adult students working to navigate their next career or education move, the pandemic has created a major financial burden and some have been forced to look for new work opportunities.

“Maybe lost their jobs, that they’re thinking this might be a good time for them,” Julie Szeltner said.

Through the “Ask Tassel” program, advisors at College Now are helping students earn scholarships and access financial aid resources.

“They were able to assist me in reentering back into school,” Brandon Copeland said.

After taking several years off, Brandon Copeland worked with College Now to earn scholarship money at Cleveland State University and he recommends College Now to any student searching for answers.

“Assess where the student is today and perhaps be able to extend to them the proper resources for where they are today and where they see themselves going in the future,” Copeland said.

Szeltner said advisors have geared their efforts toward connecting adult students who may be experiencing major financial hardships due to COVID-19 to adequate resources.

“There’s lots of short-term training that might lead to a more secure career for them and this might be the right time even though it’s a time of crisis,” Szeltner said.

While social distancing measures continue, students have the ability to chat with College Now advisors by texting “TASSEL” to 216-208-5866.

“We work for the student. We don’t work for any school,” Szeltner said. “We want to put the student at the center and make the best decision for that student and their family.”