Special face masks allow the Singing Angels to continue providing soundtrack to Wild Winter Lights at the zoo

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Posted at 8:59 AM, Dec 24, 2020

CLEVELAND — A special face covering has allowed a local singing group to rebound from the pandemic, and continue doing what brings them and others so much joy.

The sounds of the holidays fill the air at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The coronavirus pandemic is not playing Scrooge to the voices of the Singing Angels, who provide a beautiful soundtrack to the zoo's stunning Wild Winter Lights.

"The holiday season every year is our busiest season and is the most joyful season for us to be performing," said Chrissy Karliak, music director for the Singing Angels.

The youth singing group was founded in 1964, but 2020 posed new challenges. They held rehearsals on Zoom. Then, practices with small groups, and they all wear face masks specially designed for singers.

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The Singing Angels perform at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

"They give us a little extra space, and the mask material is not touching their lips, and it's a little easier for them to breath and create a nice, full sound," explained Karliak.

"It was definitely a challenge, but we've made it through," said Megan Oreskovic, 18. She has been singing with the Angels since she was 10.

She says it's a huge stress reliever, especially during this tough year.

"It definitely helps us too because singing is something we go to when we have hard times," she said. "So, being able to sing together again, safely, is definitely something we look forward to every week."

"It's so important for the kids to have the comradery of being together and the ability to be creating music and sharing what they love to do with the public," said Karliak.

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The Singing Angels perform at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

The Singing Angels' next show will be Friday, Dec. 26 at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30 p.m.

The zoo's Wild Winter Lights walk-through event ends next week, while the drive-through experience runs until Jan. 10.

For a walk-thru ticket, click here.

For a drive-thru ticket, click here.

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