New campaign highlights thousand of open manufacturing jobs in Ohio, lures interested workers

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Posted at 7:08 AM, Oct 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-06 07:08:22-04

CLEVELAND — Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted and other state and national leaders are highlighting the need to fill manufacturing jobs through a new immersive experience to help get people interested, called the ‘Creators Wanted” campaign.

The National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute are bringing the campaign in mobile trailers to Columbus this week.

Carolyn Lee, Executive Director of the Manufacturing Institute, says the goal is to change perceptions of manufacturing. Her team is now focused on showcasing a hands-on, modern experience of what careers in the industry look like today. Right now, there are 900,000 manufacturing jobs open across the nation and 10,000 of those jobs are in Ohio. However, filling those jobs hasn't been easy.

“We have these open jobs. They're good, high-paying jobs with great career potential, but it's also there's potential to learn and continue to grow. It's not one job for your entire career. It's a pathway to future success,’ she said. “Whatever your passion is, there's a place for you in modern manufacturing,”

The campaign also highlights the training and other educational opportunities available to get good-paying jobs. If you were wondering, manufacturing employs 12.3 million men and women and the industry rolls in $2.35 trillion to the U.S. economy annually.

“Manufacturers have always invested in training and upskilling their existing workers, and now they're really telling their story publicly,” Lee said. “We need to finance people with creative designers, forklift operators, we need engineers, we need maintenance technicians and everything across the entire spectrum.”

If you can’t experience the campaign in person, click here.