Delta Systems, an electromechanical safety components manufacturer, is hiring at its Streetsboro facility

Posted at 9:18 AM, Sep 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-03 18:28:14-04

STREETSBORO, Ohio — When it comes to employee retention, Tammy Flegal is a company's dream.

"It'll be 17 years next month," said Flegal.

She works in assembly at Delta Systems in Streetsboro.

"You can confide in your boss if you have a problem," she said. "And Lissa, she comes on the floor every week, and if we have any questions, we convey them to her. I love it!"

"Lissa" is Elizabeth Barry, the CEO of Delta Systems and the second generation running the company.

"I think it's a nice, clean, air-temp controlled work environment," said Barry. "We rotate people through different positions and work stations. We have training. We pay for education. We have all the health benefits. It is treated like a family business because that's what it is."

Delta Systems makes electromechanical safety components for most off-road vehicles like boats, UTVs and lawnmowers.

"We make the seat switch," said Barry pointing out the part on a riding lawnmower. "So, when the operator is sitting on the tractor the engine goes and when they take themselves off it cuts the engine."

They made components for 48 years and 2020 has only increased the demand for their product; more people are spending time in the yard and outside due to the pandemic.

"Constant orders," said Barry.

Delta Systems is hiring. Mostly in assembly like Tammy's job.

"The requirements are a GED or a high school diploma, and otherwise a willingness to come to work, pass a drug test and be a good team member," said Barry.

She says right now, competition for these positions is tight among manufacturers, and Delta is hoping for more workers like Tammy to help keep their company a cut above the rest.

"They treat me good—17 years I've been here," said Flegal. "So, I can't say enough about it!"

Visit the company's website and click on careers you're interested in applying.

Barry says you could be working within just a few days. And, if you're hired you can earn a $250 bonus for recommending someone else who ends up getting hired.

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