Tiger Pistol, a digital marketing company, looking to fill 25 positions after opening Cleveland location

Posted at 9:15 AM, Jul 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-20 19:22:26-04

CLEVELAND — News 5 has made a promise to help Northeast Ohio get back to work, and we're fulfilling that promise by telling you about companies that are hiring right now. Tiger Pistol is a digital marketing company that just opened in downtown Cleveland and says they're thrilled to be here.

"We've only been in it for two weeks," said Paul Elliott, CEO of Tiger Pistol.

Tiger Pistol is the newest resident inside the historic Bradley Building on West 6th Street.

"We're the developer of a software application that helps companies better execute social advertising in places like Facebook and Instagram," said Elliott.

Cleveland is Tiger Pistol's first U.S. operation outside its headquarters in Austin, Texas. However, the company actually started in Australia, said Elliott, and that's where the name comes originates.

The Tiger Pistol Shrimp is a little guy who packs a big punch with its oversized claw.

"It's very similar to our company," said Elliott. "We're a smaller company but we can make a disproportionately loud noise through our advertising."

Tiger Pistol is looking to hire 25 people in Cleveland.

"We have a number of open positions we're looking to fill," said Elliott. "Ranging from technology engineers to client-success specialists who are regularly helping our clients solve problems and client managers who build and own the relationships with our clients."

Opening a physical space when people are physically distancing during a pandemic has its challenges. Elliott said they've overcome them by following recommended health and safety guidelines and offering flexible work environments.

"So, it's required a lot of creative thinking and also it's taught us a lot of important lessons about how we run the business that will carry through even post-pandemic," he said.

Elliott stresses the importance of company culture and values: Work hard, play hard.

"This isn't a punch-the-clock-kind-of-company," he said. "We're looking for people who are looking to grow and elevate in their careers while being part of a team that's doing something pretty special."

Much like the Tiger Pistol Shrimp, Cleveland, too, packs a powerful punch, and Elliott says it's what landed them here.

"Everything from the cost of living and doing business here, to the worth ethic of the individuals we're able to attract, and the specific expertise," he said. "All in a lovely place to be. So, it really wasn't a question of if we were going to open an office in Cleveland it was ultimately just when."

He said they're hiring all experience levels.

The company recently celebrated two major industry awards: Best use of Facebook and Instagram, and the Innovation award from the U.S. Social Media Awards.

Find the list of available positions here.

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