Walgreens is hiring for a variety of positions at locations across Northeast Ohio

Walgreens is hiring in Northeast Ohio
Posted at 7:47 AM, Jul 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-17 18:28:56-04

CLEVELAND — It is our promise to you: To help Northeast Ohio get back to work. We are profiling companies that are hiring right now during the pandemic.

Walgreens currently employees about 1,800 people in Northeast Ohio and is looking to add more. They have about 100 open positions right now across their roughly 90 stores in the region.

"We give people a career, " said Michelle Sasson, human resource generalist at Walgreens. "An opportunity to have more than just a job."

She started with the drugstore chain 20 years ago as a pharmacy technician.

"People sometimes think that they need to have a background in pharmacy or know how to be a pharmacy tech in order to apply to one of those roles, but they don't. We offer that training that they need," she said.

A pharmacy technician is one of the entry-level positions Walgreens is hiring for right now.

"You just need to be 18 years of age, have a GED or a high school diploma, and be able to pass the background check," said Sasson.

Service clerks are another entry-level position currently available.

"For our service clerk positions, you have to be 16 and able to obtain a work permit," she said.

Walgreens is also hiring for leadership roles such as shift leads.

"We really are looking for people who are friendly and who really want to help us take care of the customer the best way possible," said Sasson.

As an essential service, Walgreens didn't close during the pandemic. All stores have social distancing markings, protective plastic shields have been installed, sanitizing stations are available, employees wear a face covering and a sign outside let customers know they must too.

"Once you apply, I would recommend coming into the store and asking to speak with a hiring manager and let them know you applied for one of our positions," advised Sasson "It's always nice to meet someone in person."

If you're curious about pay, she says cashiers start at $10 an hour and shift leads start at $13.75 an hour.

Sasson said when you complete the pharmacy technician program, you're able to sit for a certificate with the pharmacy certification board, and if you pass the test you get a dollar-an-hour raise. Also, she said when you're with the company for 18 months in your role and you're performing well, Walgreens will give you a bump in pay.

Clickhere to find all the open positions.

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