Summit Co. Tax Installment Plan extended for all property tax bills, not just owner-occupied

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Posted at 1:45 PM, Jun 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-16 08:30:46-04

SUMMIT COUNTY HAS EXPANDED ITS TAX INSTALLMENT PLAN PROGRAM FOR ALL RECIPIENTS OF REAL ESTATE TAX BILLS. THE PLAN USUALLY IS ONLY OPEN FOR OWNER-OCCUPIED BILLS. — Summit County has expanded its Tax Installment Plan program for all recipients of real estate tax bills. The plan usually is only open for owner-occupied bills.

“A lot [of people] have lose their jobs, a lot don’t have health insurance, a lot are afraid,” said Becky Lucas.

Lucas is a nurse and has been caring for patients throughout the outbreak.

"We knew that people were going to struggle for sure,” said Summit County Fiscal Officer Kristen Scalise.

Scalise says she knew real estate tax bills, mailed out Monday, June 8, would be showing up on the doorstep of Summit County residents who are already in a bad spot.

“I knew it would be difficult for some people to meet the obligation,” said Scalise.

The county already had a program for homeowners to pay their real estate taxes installments called Tax Installment Plan (T.I.P.).

This year, with businesses struggling, Scalise and the Summit County Council opened the program up for everyone.

“Multi-unit rentals, commercial properties, office buildings, strip malls, it applies to everything,” said Scalise.

If any of those businesses or property owners sign up before Friday, July 17, they can avoid growing interest and penalties. Whatever they owe can be paid in smaller chunks until November 15.

“We’ve signed up a good amount of businesses so it does show that the need is there,” said Scalise.

If you’d like to sign up for the program:

  • You must owe real estate taxes in Summit County
  • If you are already behind on real estate taxes, call 330-643-2600

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