Cleveland brewery launches new beer to support Tribe name change to 'Cleveland Municipals'

Saucy Brew Works Municipals beer
Posted at 1:56 PM, Mar 15, 2021

CLEVELAND — With the Cleveland Indians planning to change the team’s name after decades of backlash, many fans have pitched their ideas at a new nickname for the baseball club—including local brewery Saucy Brew Works.

The brewery announced it would be actively supporting a mission to rename the Tribe the “Cleveland Municipals” and has created a new beer to expand that mission.

The push stems from a movement supporting the name “Municipals” that includes social platforms and a website which outlines the reasoning behind the naming option and even features uniform mockups.

On the website for the organization hoping to change the team’s name to the Municipals is this explanation:

“Cleveland Municipals” pays tribute to Northeast Ohio’s rich sports history while representing our community’s past, present, and future. Webster defines municipal as “relating to a city or town.” Something that is municipal belongs to the community as a whole. And while it would be a new name, it is an old term, an unmistakable part of our sports heritage that evokes our much-beloved Municipal Stadium — where many Cleveland baseball fans got their start.

Saucy Brew Works is getting behind the Municipals push and is launching a new beer in honor of the team’s home opening on April 5—the Municipals Munich-style Helles Lager.

“In our conversations with the team at Saucy it became very clear that our passion for Cleveland baseball is equaled by their passion for Cleveland beer,” Cleveland Municipals co-founder Will Weible said. “Eric and the brew team have come up with a great beer in a style that reflects Cleveland’s rich brewing history, echoing the Cleveland pride our proposal is rooted in.”

To check out the push to change the name to the Cleveland Municipals, click here.

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