Cleveland Cavaliers unveil 2020-21 City Edition uniforms, inspired by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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Posted at 10:50 AM, Dec 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-03 10:50:12-05

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Cavaliers unveiled their 2020-21 City Edition uniforms, which pay homage to Cleveland’s rock & roll roots in a unique way.

In a partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Cavaliers new uniform design is meant to reflect the “grit, attitude and spirit of Cleveland’s rock and roll roots.”

On the City Edition jerseys, just above the jock tag, reads “LONG LIVE ROCK,” a nod to the Rock Hall’s anthem and the sign that sits at the entrance of the Cleveland destination.

Patches that can be found on the new uniforms include a gold square patch with the number “1” inside of the Larry O’Brien trophy to represent the 2016 NBA Championship, several of the Cavaliers' logos and the Rock Hall in the style of your pins and jacket patches strewn across the side of the shorts.

On the waistband of the shorts is a silhouette of the Cleveland skyline inside of a white guitar pick, and a large statement “C” is printed down the side of the shorts.

The ties to rock and roll featured on the uniforms “amplify the bond between the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and The Land they both call home,” the team said.

The City Edition jerseys also come with a specially designed court that will be played on when the Cavaliers wear their City Edition uniforms.

The black perimeter of the court was inspired by the Record Rendezvous storefront sign and has the same font as the uniforms with tour pins on each half of the court.

Check out photos of the uniforms below:

Jersey + Short.jpg

In addition to the uniform collaboration between the Cavaliers and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the museum also features a new exhibit titled ”Cleveland Amplified” featuring artifacts that connect the history between music and sports.

Items included in the exhibit include Larry Nance Jr.’s 2020-21 City Edition Uniform, a poster of Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam, pictured with Shawn Kemp of the former Seattle Supersonics, and the Air Jordan IV shoes from Public Enemy’s Chuck D, among others.

Fans can purchase City Edition merchandise now for a limited time, only offered during the 2020-21 season.